Secret Garden..

By far my favourite book growing up, when i had my own house i got an old farm house with a wild garden and i had a gate just like the book, it’s something i look back and smile fondly.

However back to business, a lot of customers ask me about my home, what i have and i never really know what to say.. I theme my rooms would be one description but in terms of what i have in the house, whatever i want really with a husband who loves what i do… From a 4ft Betty Boop to a cast iron duckegg four poster bed to a yellow bath my home is a collection of things i love.. I am in the process of renovating a lounge and having two very traditional castor legged sofas recovered, this image is of the fabrics i have chosen. The front of the sofas will be majority pattern, the sides and back in contrasting plains and piping on all cushions and sofa to be in a plain. I am a great believer that every room needs to have a feature (my husband has sarcy comments like, would you like the shed to have a feature too, well of course!) but in this room my sofa will be my statement coupled with simple elegant curtains, neutral walls and then a contrasting wow colour above the picture rail.